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L’esprit de l’escalier

est moi

24 January 1986
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23 years old. Law Student. Music lover. Bookworm. Spends most of her days wishing she lived in Ireland.

Loves: Damien Rice, Lisa Hannigan, The Frames, Bell X1, Mic Christopher, The Swell Season, Snow Patrol; The West Wing; James McAvoy, Cillian Murphy, Matthew MacFadyen; Dylan Moran, Ed Byrnes, Stephen Fry, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert; rain; sunny winter days; snow; whiskey sours; Canada; Ireland; Amelie

Is: liberal, argumentative, forgetful, constantly running late, but well intentioned.

Often: misses the forest for the trees, loves unabashedly.

If we have anything at all in common, or even if we don't, feel free to add me. But please leave a note saying that you have so I know to return the favor.

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